Having graduated from the prestigious Marmara University in İstanbul with an MA in Fashion Design, Head Designer Neslişah Yılmaz co-founded Barrus with CEO Volkan Hidayetoğlu in 2013.

After the immediate interest to its couture collections by leading celebrities in Turkey, Barrus debuted its AW16 collection during London Fashion Week. AW16 collection merged the ancient Turkish fine art, marbling, with the contemporary trends of fashion. Barrus also remained true to the brand’s origins with its SS17 collection, continuing its study into the old Turkish art of marbling through the collection.

The handicraft was delicately fashioned on fine silks in an array of colours mirroring the signature colour palette that Klimt is best known for. Having met with excitement by UK celebrities, Barrus designs started to appear on the red carpet at all major events in London which also continued after the third appearance by Barrus at London Fashion Week with its AW17 collection.

For AW 2017 BARRUS took its inspiration from the seventh wonder of the ancient world; the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Barrus continued to respect the ancient heritage of Mesopotamia bringing its antediluvian routes to contemporary fashion. Neslişah Yılmaz looked at the Babylon from two different perspectives; firstly, the need for peace and communication between cultures today and secondly, the traditional, long forgotten Babylon Dress that stands for the value of excellence in both fabrics and craftsmanship it has represented for centuries.

Barrus designs were the choice of numerous celebrities at BRIT, Pride of Britain and Fashion Awards and many premieres and gala dinners. All collections of Barrus can be seen on the websites of Vogue UK and Glamour UK. Barrus continues to combine its heritage pieces with a sense of modernity in its couture, bridal and ready-to wear collections.